Brittany Kentch

Badass Boss Business Owner

“In those days that my darkness begins to show its eerie self once again, I realize I have two choices-Rise back up again and again Or, I can loose my faith & continue letting anger rule my World. I choose to continue to get back up & keep trying. My light isn't lost anymore...You have shown me that  "I Can rise up" despite,"the breakdowns. You, have shown me to choose love time &, time again. Nikyla, you have changed Anger Into Patience..Sadness Into Triumph ..Numbness into Self Love. You have helped me in ways no one has ever been able to reach. You've shown me the way out of darkness with your gentle soul and wise advice full of love. I know with all my heart that God put you in my life to help show me the path again. I feel like you are one of my angels here on Earth. Thank you for being you today &, loving me through the anger & pain. You are so inspirational & full of light.”

Shavon Christina Clinton


"Before meeting Nikyla I was lost. I now know who I am and I have the told to become the woman I have always wanted to be. Nikyla taught me to love myself, know the I am worth it and that I CAN make a different in the world. Before I felt sad, lost, confused and alone, I now feel Happy, fulfilled and fully MYSELF! I love the transparency of Nikyla. She is real, raw and isn't afraid to tell you the truth. I highly recommend working with her. SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!"











Brooke Ashley Martinson

Real-Estate Agent

"Nikyla has Benefited me in my life by allowing my mental focus to be shifted. The shift in my mental focus has been able to enhance my family life and readjust my way of thinking to allow for less anxiety in my life. Working with Nikyla is like breathing a different type of air. It is refreshing and good for the soul. My personal life has been able to be more enjoyable. It feels less stressful than prior to working with Nikyla. I believe I am a more calm Mother and a more attentive wife. If you are someone who is looking for a personal in-depth experience who is open to learning new ways to connect with yourself to improve upon your life you should definitely reach out to Nikyla and make your first appointment. I have tried the typical “counseling” and while it was useful it just doesn’t compare to this type of growth and she seems to be able to get to the root much more quickly and actually guide you."

Todd Champagne


"Before working with Nikyla I was a very lost soul. I would react based on the moment and not think about the consequences until afterward, (if at all). I feel like I have grown immensely due to the techniques she teaches. One thing I can say about her is...she's real. The message she preaches to the behavioral practices she teaches she honestly and truly believes in. Not only am I a different person at work but my fellow employees will testify that I'm more open-minded about things that I'd blow up over in the past. My wife notices a change in me also. She states that I am more down to earth now and not such a "worrywart". If I had to I'd take this class again because it has helped me grow. Definitely 5 stars and a class act. My last piece of advice would be: you get what you put in."

Ricky Birnel

Driver/Spiritual Seeker

"Nikyla gives tools to assist in my personal growth, as well as a sense of direction and motivation to move forward. She checks in with me often to make certain that I am progressing.

Working with Nikyla is  having a good friend who is knowledgeable to give you encouragement, advice and healing practices.I personally have been more motivated and clear about how to handle my emotional, mental and spiritual development. I would definitely recommend working with her."








Ray Stortroen


"Working with Nikyla has benefited me by opening my eyes and emotions to all that is available to me if I just accept and do the work to make myself better.  Working with Nikyla wonderfully confusing until you give yourself over completely to what she is teaching. You can tell from the get go that she really cares about you and wanting you to get better and deeper inside yourself.  Professional life has gotten better I am reaching sales goals I don't think I would have reached without her help Would I recommend Nikyla. Helll YES!. I would recommend her in a hot minute. She truly cares and wants to help. She can only guide you. You have to do the work."





Amber Rose De

Spiritual Seeker

"My name is Amber and I'm 38... I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Nikyla a little over a year now. I had the desire to understand and know why I was so afraid when I came across Nikyla. I was drawn to a webinar about facing your fears. It was being hosted by Nikyla and her amazing business partner Candice. I signed up for there 30 minutes free calls. I had been drawn to Nikyla so I had my first call with her. I immediately signed up for her Emotional Liberation course. Not long after I signed up I experienced something that shook my world. But Working with Nikyla helped me to face my fears and have compassion for myself. She allowed me the space to see what I was doing to stand in my own way. Her words and expression of her truth allowed me the courage to express my own truth. I have done many of her amazing courses and went to one of her life-changing retreats. Since working with Nikyla I feel more empowered in my life's choices. I don't feel like a victim to others or myself anymore. I value and love myself to a depth I had never known before. This has allowed me to love others in a more healthy and balanced way. I work in behavioral health and working with Nikyla has helped me be more present with an open heart to my clients. I have also discovered my life's purpose with the guidance I have received from Nikyla. I honestly could go on and on about the inspiration and guidance I have received from Nikyla just by her example of owning her empowerment. I don't just feel like Nikyla is my coach but a friend and family. I have and would again over and over recommend Nikyla to any and all who want to find their authentic self and live a life of feeling loved for being your AMAZING beautiful self. That's what she's shown me and ill be forever grateful."

















Laura Canning

Relationship Coach

"I would like to give a big shout out THANK YOU to one of the most influential women in my life during this past year.


Nikyla Maria YOU have seriously helped transform my world

Working with YOU this past 12 months has been one of the biggest GIFTS I’ve given myself & working with YOU has helped show me just how WORTHY I AM of receiving ALL THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER. All it’s wonders, it’s highs & it’s lows, it’s SHIFTS & it’s MAGIC.


Working with & sharing some pretty AWESOME ADVENTURES with this beautiful woman has been a game changer for me both personally & professionally.

My mindset has BLOW WIDE OPEN & I’m creating so many NEW & exciting opportunities that absolutely THRILL me. 


My business MIND SET was atrocious before & nothing I did seemed to work out or progress no matter what I did. 

... NOW... My head & heart are beautifully cooperating (for the first time) & my Holistic Coaching Business here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia is looking & feeling SO EXCITING I could scream LoL.


So as you can see I pretty much ADORE this magical Woman & admire her work ethics, her personal journey thus far & her future vision ‘that KICKS ASS’ in the BEST kinda way!.. (and BOY, did my ass need a decent KICK). Though this could not have been done with more love, Kindness, compassion, dedication, commitment & encouragement than it was with ALL Nikyla’s support & guidance.


I sincerely recommend her skill & mastery as a Coach, Mentor, educator & Retreat Facilitator & truly am grateful for the true & dear friendship that has grown from our work together. 


I have so much faith & trust in this amazing woman that I’ve recommended my 25 year old daughter to now begin her own journey with Nikyla. 


I’m very much looking forward to our NEXT exciting adventures together Nikyla & absolutely love, admire, respect & adore you darlin. 


With all my gratitude & trust"

Dan Cordova

Do-Founder NW Spiritual Living, LLC

"I have worn out 6 therapists over the years. I have wrung out every last ounce of trauma energy from this world wearysoul. Yet, something remains. I haven't been able to root it out. I have explored many alternative and traditional therapies and healing modalitites. Alas, not all the pieces of this fractured soul have been retrieved. I have hit a wall.

This is where I was at when I met Nikyla. She has taken me to places within myself I never knew existed, and to realms near and far through shamanic journeying. She connected me with ancestral spirit guides while holding our souls safely in between worlds.

The work I have done with her has already gone a long way toward completing my spiritual healing journey. The answers I needed would never have been found in those other more traditional healing practices. It took me exhausting myself on so many levels before I was open enough to seek an age-old wisdom and practice that Nikyla uses to aid the healing and spiritual quests of man.

Approach Nikyla with an open mind and an open heart. She can reunite you with parts of yourself long forgotten. It is a very powerful experience that leaves you standing in your own natural power! Don't wait!"



























Pamela Aldrich

Spiritual Teacher/Reiki

"Working with Nikyla strengthened my heart, helped me align my head with my heart, figure out my purpose in life AND how to make it happen! She taught me that who I am matters, what I want to do matter and what I give to others matters. She helped me to focus on finding my center. Before working with Nikyla I felt like my life was missing something and NOW it's NOT! I feel great and I have found my purpose." 







Tantra Teacher/Goddess

"Nikyla gave me the gift of hope, inspiration, courage and love! As a single mom, most of the time I felt put down, incapable, small, not worthy. Nikyla's teachings showed me the opposite.

She opened my eyes and heart into this totally different, liberating and brave single mom's world.

She encouraged me to go deep with my true desires to find out what a truly wildly powerful being I am as a woman, particularly as a single mom! I am grateful and proud of who I am and most importantly proud to raise my two wonderful daughters on my own! Nikyla, you are a true star"

Stephanie B.

Medical Assistant

"Working with Nikyla helped me learn to recognize and understand my true essence. She taught me that its okay to be ME that I loved and supported and she taught me how to set goals and achieve my dreams. Nikyla taught me how to take control and accountability of my emotions. Before meeting Nikyla I felt sad, pain-ridden, in a shell and full of anxiety. Now I feel loved and supported, I have a dream and the tools I need to accomplish it. I got WAYYYYY more than I ever expected. Thank you Nikyla."